Does blogging matters?

As a Chinese saying

“Know yourself and your enemy so you can win the war”

This means that in order for you to march into the chaotic blogging landscape, you need to know and understand what blogging means. Also you need to understand yourself and what do you want to achieve from your blogging effort.

1) What is blogging? Simple words – Blogging is an opinion from the blogger on a subject or a topic of his/her interests. In other words what is the message a blogger is trying to put across? For example : Blogging can be used to educated your customers if your products are new to the market and most of your customers do not know how your products work.

2) Good exposure but doesn’t means good business Most audiences are just well audiences most of the time. Let’s face it, audience from UK will not fly to Singapore just to see your products. So you all will be curious then, why blog? Using blog as the sole marketing tool will never be an effective tool although it does helps to boost the traffic a bit. Blogging can only be fully utilised if combine with good marketing effort.

3) Create credibility To blog for the sake of blogging will result in desperation for contents and this usually led to the mostly commonly used content generating method known commonly as content ripping. Some of the copcats even went as far as ripping the entire content from other blogging site paragraph by paragraph word by word, this usually is fine until they are caught red handed. Doing so may attract new audience to come in but copycats will forever be in the vicious cycle of attracting new customers to replace old ones. I believe only original creators who actively chuck out good contents will soar to a new high with accumulation of new audience on top of existing one. Once a critical mass has been achieved, the audience base will then be able to help the creator to spread his message through words of mouth.

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